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Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore

Regional Director


My name is Stephanie Moore and I am so happy to be Regional Director of such a fantastic region! I am an educator, born and raised in Southern California. I am very proud to belong to Crescent Bay Doll Fanciers and have been a member of UFDC for close to 14 years.

"Dolling Is My Happy Place" I have been collecting dolls since I was four years old. I maintain an eclectic collection of dolls that includes childhood dolls, vintage, modern and antique dolls - in all shapes, colors, mediums and sizes.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to wear many "doll" hats which has included holding club and local doll council offices, sponsoring and chairing junior and World Doll Day events, chairing club and council luncheons, volunteering at conventions, mounting doll exhibits at our local library and curating the 37th Annual Black Doll Show at the William Grant Still Arts Center for the City of Los Angeles.

Developing the next generations of doll collectors is very important to me. Children are out there collecting, just in different ways than they have in the past. I believe in order for our organization to grow we need to cultivate the youth now. I also believe that Doll Clubs and doll collecting has to be relevant to today's collector. While respectful or our traditions I do believe in thinking outside the box, shaking things up a bit and doing things differently from time to time.

Helping Region 2S grow new clubs, being more supportive our our MAL membership, helping to create more joint opportunities for clubs and MALs to come together and helping our region plan a regional in 2024 are a few of my goals as region director.

If you are in our region and are interested in joining us, I hope you'll make contact as I would love to hear from you.

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