UFDC Regional Directors

UFDC Region 11

District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia

Sandra Moore

Sandra Moore

Regional Director


I am honored and thrilled to be your Region 11 Director 2023-2026!

I have rediscovered dolls later in my life approximately fifteen years ago. I started with Madame Alexander dolls and then branched out to very eclectic collecting. My Mother had saved most of my childhood dolls and re-introduced them to me. However, the best part of doll collecting is meeting and sharing with other collectors. I love my Doll Collector's family! I have many lifelong

friends nationwide and look forward to communicating with them often.

I joined the Madame Alexander Doll Club (MADC) in 2008 and have just completed a two-term, six- year stint on the Board of Directors. I served as the club president during the last two years of those terms.

I joined UFDC as a member-at-large at approximately the same time as I found MADC. I was hoping to find a local club to join. Eventually, I did find the Gladys MacDowell Doll Study Club, and then a few years later, I joined the Dollology Club of Washington, DC. I have served in many capacities for both and treasure my membership in them. A few years ago, I joined the Best Friends Forever BJD club. I also served as the registrar for the last Region 11 Conference in 2018. It was a huge job but very rewarding, and I got lots of experience.

My doll collection has grown significantly with all sorts of dolls as I am introduced to other member's collections. I particularly love to rediscover dolls from my childhood era (1960s) that I didn't have the fortune to own or play with when I was younger. I also own a forever desired but never given G I Joe doll. He is my pride and joy.

I plan to visit each doll club at least once or as many times as I am invited and able. I encourage each club to grow their membership. I also encourage each Region 11 club to consider having a regional event. I am delighted to help any club with whatever their endeavors. Please do not hesitate to ask.

I hope to see and meet you soon.

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