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Diane Chappell

Diane Chappell

Regional Director


I am pleased to be back doing the volunteer work I love UFDC and DOLLS, of course. Having served as your RD way back in 2014-2017 it is my pleasure to work for our region again.

I am currently retired and living the good life of country living and playing with my dolls. UFDC is an organization that works endlessly to promote, preserve, and educate the world about Dolls.

My latest passion is China heads and historical re-creations of famous Canadian ladies and how they helped shape their times and ours.

My life experience has been in the legal work and all things administration. I started on computers so long ago I think they are now in museums! You can often find me in my studio, fixing my dolls, dressing my dolls, or just plain sitting and watching them.

UFDC is an organization that needs our support, and my vision would be to take it to every corner of the world, because they just don't know what they are missing.

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