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Birdie Dapples

Birdie Dapples

Regional Director


Being asked to be Regional Director for Region 16 for the next year is a great honor. I look forward to representing the ideas and concerns of the region.

Although I was born in the USA, I regard myself as a citizen of the world. I have traveled to many countries in Western Europe as well as Israel, Egypt, and China. Now I travel to Canada frequently as my son and his family live in a suburb of Ottawa. Over this next year as your Regional Director, I am looking forward to expanding my international experience.

UFDC wise, I served as Regional Director for Region 6, and plan to use what I learned to assist Region 16 in any way I can. I have enjoyed attending and volunteering at both Annual Conventions and Regionals, learning a lot about dolls and meeting many interesting people.

I belong to Heritage Doll Guild of the Yellowstone and Meet Me in the Middle Doll Club. My personal doll collection is very eclectic. My modern dolls include: Ginnys, Darlene Lane reproductions, and R John Wright's Mice. My antique dolls include Jeanne Orsini's all bisque dolls and Bye Lo Babies. My childhood Toni's and my baby doll round out my collection.

Please feel free to contact me at any time - I am at your service.

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