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UFDC Region 15

Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont

Donelle Denery

Donelle Denery

Regional Director


I am so happy to be your Region 15 director! I've been a member of UFDC for approximately 20 years and know many of you in our wonderful region but look forward to meeting all of you and visiting all of your clubs!

As a child, I was far more interested in horses than dolls. My family stopped giving me dolls because I'd promptly give them away! As an art major in high school, I became 'hooked' on antique dolls by examining the exquisite way an early Jumeau was painted. I tried to duplicate the delicate eyelashes by painting on the curved surface of a ping pong ball and failed miserably. My passion for dolls began through my interest in dolls as art.

Although I worked full time in a high stress, technical management position as an Army civilian, I had a part time doll business selling dolls and teaching reproduction doll making in my studio on weekends. This part time business funded my antique doll collection which was amassed over a 30+ year period. My primary interest is in antique all bisque dolls, dolls made by Kestner, German characters and dolls with original wardrobes especially German lady dolls.

I retired and moved to Cape Cod in 2008 where I've been an active volunteer with my doll clubs, the Barnstable Master Gardeners, several organizations which support animals and as a township Conservation Commissioner. I've held several chairmanships at the UFDC national level, chaired our Boston regional in 2017, published over 30 national magazine articles, have taught workshops and seminars and presented many programs at national, regional and local levels. One of my favorite things is presenting programs and speaking for groups about dolls. I look forward to connecting with clubs and members throughout our region as we work together to strengthen UFDC and spread the joy of dolls!

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