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Northern California, Nevada, Utah

Cathy Noone

Cathy Noone

Regional Director


I am a lifelong doll lover and started calling myself a doll collector at the age of 14 because it sounded much more mature than admitting that I still played with dolls! I was fortunate enough to have a mother who also loved and collected dolls and we had many fun times together at doll events before her passing. I have been a UFDC member since 1986 and have attended many regional and national conventions. I belong to the Redwood Empire Doll and Study Club and the Independent Spirits Doll Club in Region 2N. I am also still a member of my original club in Illinois as well as two clubs in Florida where I have a second home.

My collection encompasses a wide variety of dolls though I prefer to focus on antique dolls, especially French Fashions. Part of my collection are the childhood dolls that belonged to both my mother and grandmother. I am an avid seamstress and am especially interested in costuming dolls. I consider myself a relative newcomer to the west, having moved to the Bay area from Chicago in 2014 and was honored to be asked to run as Regional Director. I love to travel and I look forward to exploring more of California, Nevada and Utah in my travels as Regional Director.

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