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UFDC Region 2N

Northern California, Nevada, Utah

Jean Smith

Jean Smith

Regional Director


I have been a member of the UFDC since 1988. I am currently a member of 4 clubs, the Sacramento Pioneer Doll Club, Independent Spirits Doll Club, Madame Alexander Doll Club and the Best Friends Forever BJD Club. I've held all the club offices and worked many shows, regionals and "mini" events. Getting to meet so many other collectors has been very exciting for me.

I enjoyed playing with dolls as a child but really got interested in their history when I assisted one of my sisters in researching a relative's dolls after her death. I love getting to talk to others about their dolls and I always learn something new. Living in Japan for two and one-half years showed me that the love of dolls crosses all boundaries and societies. I always take dolls with me when I travel and get great responses when I ask someone if they have had a favorite doll. I look forward to traveling throughout Region 2 North and hope to meet you and your clubs!

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