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UFDC Region 5

Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri

Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown

Regional Director


I'm so excited to work with Region 5 as your new Director!

My love of dolls goes as far back as I can remember. I have so many fond memories of playing dolls with my friends and family. I briefly, reluctantly, packed away my dolls for a few years. On my 18th birthday I declared myself an adult AND a doll collector (unpacking my childhood dolls)!

My doll collection is eclectic and is influenced by my experiences and relationships with others. The forbidden doll of my childhood, Barbie, became mine when my sister-in-law had to decide what to do with "that old stuff!" A Barbie collector was created as I sorted through each wonderful vintage Barbie and each accessory piece. Part of my doll collection reflects the different cultures, countries, and ages of the students I taught in my 35-year teaching career. I've collected dolls from more than 50 counties, as well as modern dolls (e.g., American Girl, Annette Himstedt, Maru) to antique dolls and everything in between! As I learn about different types of dolls through Twin Cities Doll Study Club (my current doll club), I seem to gather additional doll interests.

I want to support all of our Region 5 members to further their enjoyment of our hobby and help grow our membership. UFDC offers so many opportunities to connect with others while enjoying doll collecting through ZOOM, in-person clubs, doll shows, seminars, regional meetings, Doll News, Region 5 newsletters, Unity's Newsletter, the UFDC website, and the UFDC National Convention. I will be looking for additional ways for us to build our doll community.

I'm looking forward to lots of dolly fun and friendship in the future! As I meet new doll friends, who knows what dolls I'll be inspired to collect next?

I hope to see you soon.

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