UFDC Region 10

Illinois, Wisconsin

Donnell Wisniewski

Donnell Wisniewski

Regional Director


Well, hello! Welcome to Region 10 which includes Illinois and Wisconsin. I began officially collecting when I joined UFDC in the fall of 2004. That seems like such a short time compared to many of my friends and siblings and yet a long time in my life. The first dolls I collected were reproductions of Bleuette. She has so many wonderful patterns and I love to sew. Agnes Sura encouraged me to sew by hand and now that's my preference. I began collecting dolls by Tonner and Kish because they were easy to find patterns for.

My latest dolls fall into two major categories - reproductions of French Fashion dolls and the more modern BJDs from Asia. I only bring dolls into the house if I can sew for them. My absolute favorites are those made by Connie Lowe who all exist in the world of Stella.

If you have any questions or concerns about doll collecting and/or UFDC, please feel free to ask me. If I don't know the answer I usually know someone who might.

Have a wonderful Dolly Day!

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