UFDC Regional Directors

UFDC Region 8

Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee

Becky DeBruler

Becky DeBruler

Regional Director


I'm a member of Triple Crown Doll Club in Northern Kentucky where I've served as President. I also serve as a clerk at UFDC conventions in competition. I have formerly served as Regional Director of Region 8 and here I am again.

My favorite dolls to collect are the antique German Character dolls, but I'm also addicted to Riley, by H Kish and the newer BJD's. I love the French Fashion and have a few reproductions I play with and dress. Guess you can say I love them all! I make and restore dolls, and find I love the ones best who have been well loved by others. My collection is far from perfect examples, and I love them all. It's a sickness, one I'll gladly endure!

I'm married (to my HS sweetheart), have 2 children and 4 grands. I also play dulcimer (Kentucky state instrument) and banjo, not well, but I have fun. I'm currently on the board of the local dulcimer club. I'm active in my church and enjoy working with others.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know all the clubs again. Let me know how I can be of service.

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