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UFDC Region 8

Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee

Denise Van Patten

Denise Van Patten

Regional Director


I've been a member of UFDC since 1999, and I'm currently a member of the East Tennessee Doll Collectors. I have attended 16 UFDC National Conventions and have given many Seminars, Programs, and Dynamic Doll Dialogues.

Many of you may know me through my writing. I am the author of The Official Price Guide to Dolls (2006) and I was the Guide to Dolls at About.com from 1998-2011. I also owned a bricks and mortar doll store from 2001-2011, and I still sell dolls online and at doll shows.

I love dolls of all types, but I am especially fond of fashion dolls from all eras (from French Fashion dolls of the mid and late 1800s to Barbie and BJDs). I also adore small dolls (dollhouse dolls and all-bisques and anything tiny!). My very first dolls included a #4 Ponytail Barbie and some Liddle Kiddles, so I think my tastes in dolls had a very early start.

I'm excited to be Director of Region 8! I hope to visit many of our clubs and meet as many of our Region 8 members as possible. I also hope to help Region 8 grow through attracting new members and forming new clubs. It's an exciting time to be a doll collector, especially in Region 8!

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