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UFDC Region 3

New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Debbie Ginchansky

Debbie Ginchansky

Regional Director


I have loved dolls most of my life, starting with a Betsy Wetsy, who suffered the terrible fate of disintegration by my constant feeding and changing, to my Cherries A La Mode Revlon doll, whose dress suffered the same fate by constant washing and ironing. I was ten when Barbie arrived on the doll scene, but my mother felt I was too old to play with dolls or handle the controversy that surrounded Barbie so there was a pause for a while.

Then my daughter Rachel Rose came along in 1986, twelve years after my son David, and gave me an excuse to start collecting again - Madame Alexanders, Lawtons, Parkins, McClouds, and so on. A very wise doll shop owner, Pat, convinced me to check out her UFDC doll club, the "Bluebonnet Doll Collectors Club of Texas," and so began my journey of learning about dolls, appreciating their history and developing wonderful relationships with the people who are part of this fabulous world of doll collecting.

My aim during my time as your Regional Director is to get to know you - to visit with all of you - in person, (have car, will travel), zoom, or phone; to help you in any way I can and to grow UFDC. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you and to share our love of dolls.

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