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Christine Faust

Christine Faust

Regional Director


Dolls were always a part of my childhood. I remember having many dolls as a child. I think I had as many as six dolls at one time, imagine that. I received a Ginny doll for my sixth birthday, and we have remained together throughout these years. Barbie helped me deal with some separation issues when my mother and I relocated from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis. We moved the week after I turned eleven. I began collecting dolls as an adult when I was thirty years old. I was gifted a doll for Christmas that year from two very dear friends. That doll revived that spark of comfort and satisfaction that is derived from owning a new doll. I started to investigate the doll world by frequenting area doll shops and shows. Doll collecting was very popular at that time. I was lucky enough to join a doll club and before long I joined a second club.

I began my obsession with modern dolls and eventually became curious about the antiques. My collection has evolved over the years from the vinyl and hard plastic to wooden, all bisque, and cloth. I have a weakness for the little flappers, especially ones with painted hats or a big bow in their hair. I'm very passionate about Minnesota's Japanese Friendship doll, Miss Miyazaki. I can speak at length about the doll that was missing for forty-one years. Her recovery was due in part to a librarian reading a children's book. This brings me to my love of children's literature, I also collect books. The two hobbies have been competing for space and my dollars for several years now. I used to think the book collecting was winning, but who are we kidding, it's the dolls.

What has truly been at the heart of my doll collecting is the friends I have made over the years. I look forward to seeing my doll club friends on a monthly basis, so much so, that I currently belong to three doll clubs in the Twin Cities area. I spend most of my time at doll shows visiting with friends and look forward to seeing those special people that you only see once-a-year at convention. In addition, you always meet new soulmates, especially when you volunteer at these events.

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my region five pals and to establishing new kinships with those I will meet in the future. It is an exciting time in region five, we have cause for a celebration. We have a brand-new doll club in Springfield. Furthermore, I know many of our UFDC members have some inspiring ideas to attract new members to doll collecting or I as I like to call it "friend collecting." Please let's get together soon for a visit. I would love to hear your doll collecting story.

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